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Chapter 16

Sweet Confessions

When they returned, the children had to undergo yet another scolding from Dumbledore himself and detention for what probably seemed like the rest of their lives. Mika tried to persuade the Headmaster that she was partially to blame for what happened and to go easy on them, but he insisted that they were totally responsible for attempting something so dangerous and they must be taught a lesson.


“I suppose nearly getting burned at the stake in the middle ages wasn’t enough punishment,” Hermione sighed as they discussed it upon leaving Dumbledore’s office.

“I still don’t know what happened,” Mika was mulling the whole thing over in her mind. “Minerva said that the spell they used should not have had anywhere near that effect. I wonder if the proximity of the TARDIS may have had anything to do with it?” she was thinking aloud.

Hermione looked at her friend, as they wandered down the corridor. “How would the TARDIS be able to affect a spell?”

Mika shrugged. “It’s just speculation, but there is the possibility of a field of temporal disturbance surrounding the TARDIS. It could be with that combined with a charged atmosphere such as this one would result in all sorts of strange happenings.” She sighed. “I guess I’d better move the TARDIS somewhere a bit more remote away from all this spellcasting.”

“You aren’t leaving are you?” Hermione suddenly looked worried.

“No, of course not. Although it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea. Trouble just seems to follow me wherever I go these days,” she sighed again.

“You can say that again,” said Hermione who had just caught sight of a dark figure hurrying down the corridor towards them. It was Professor Snape.

“I’d better go find Harry and Ron and tell them what happened,” she made her excuses, leaving Mika to it.

“Gee, thanks,” Mika muttered. Then without turning around, “Severus. What can I do for you?”

He fell into step beside her, trying to form his words. “Are… are you all right?” he asked, the concern in his voice seemed genuine enough.

“I am perfectly fine, thank you. And thank you for helping earlier. The rescue wouldn’t have been possible without everyone’s help.” She emphasised the ‘everyone’ hoping he’d get the implication.


“I… I just wanted to say that I was sorry for that joke I pulled earlier. I admit it was rather tasteless. It’s just…”

“I’m not the one you should be apologising to, Severus,” she turned and glared at him. “I know you two don’t get along and I’ve given up asking you to. But at least show a little maturity and admit when you’re defeated. I am your friend, Severus. But if you continue to take jabs at Remus, I won’t be able to be for much longer.” The threat in her voice was very clear.

Snape just nodded. “I am sorry, Mika. Truly.” He looked at her, his coal black eyes showing the hurt he felt. Mika almost felt sorry for him. But she just watched in silence as he turned and went back down the way they’d come, disappearing into the darkness once again.

“Mika!” came a voice that brought a very wide smile to her lovely lips.

She found herself standing at the top of the stairs gazing down into the smiling face of Remus Lupin. She felt like throwing herself down the stairs into his arms, but restrained herself and walked calmly down instead.

“I’m so glad you made it back ok,” he began.

Mika put a finger to her lips and glanced around, noticing Filch and Mrs. Morris hanging about in the shadows. “Come on,” she said quietly. Together they walked up the staircases until they reached the clock tower where no trace remained of the incident that had happened earlier.

When they were finally alone, Mika stood with her back to him, gazing out across the courtyard and the loch beyond. There was a new moon that night so it was only the stars that lit the scene. But that wasn’t what she was looking at. Mika was watching Lupin’s reflection as he was trying very hard to articulate his feelings to her.

“Mika,” he began. “Look, I’m no good at these things having had virtually no experience. But, I feel, something is happening here. Something alien, but at the same time wonderful. I may have entirely the wrong end of the stick but… Mika…” his voice trailed off as he had no idea what to say next.

She remained silent, waiting for him to continue. She knew what he wanted to say, but she wanted to hear him say it. Maybe then she would be able to make up her own mind, though she had a feeling her hearts, denied for so long, had already made it up for her.

Watching his reflection in the glass, Mika could see just how terrified Lupin was. “Mika,” he said at last, his voice trembling. “I know what I am. I am a nobody, a poor man with a terrible curse. I have no money, no real job, for as soon as people find out about me I have to leave. I know I have no reason nor any right to think that someone such as yourself would want anything to do with me…” his voice trailed off again. “I’m making no sense am I?” he laughed nervously. “I guess what I’m trying to say is, Mika, that whatever I am, such as I am, belongs totally to you. There, I’ve said it…”

She turned around finally. “What have you said?” she asked pointedly. “You’ve talked lots of nonsense about you being a nobody, but I am not entirely sure what you are trying to tell me.”

Her big, beautiful violet eyes shone at him with a light from within. They gave him the courage to say how he really felt.

“Mika, I… I love you.”

His blue eyes filled with fear at her immediate silence. He wasn’t sure how she’d react. But he should have known better.

As Mika considered this sweet man’s words, a smile began to spread uncontrollably, beginning with her eyes and ending at her very toes. “Now you’re making sense, Remus Lupin,” she said softly.

Her smile continued to spread until it engulfed Lupin as well. He finally dared to move closer and take her in his arms. Unable to control themselves anymore, they kissed, and this time there were no interruptions.

“Oh Remus,” Mika breathed into his ear as they held each other tightly. “You are so not a nobody. You are the man I love.”


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