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Mika's Biography


Name: Mikanostinocolai

Aliases: Mika Colai, Mika Smith, Mika Whitehurst, Mika Lupin

Age: depends on when you ask ;-) over 3000 at last count

Height: 5’

Weight: 130

Eyes: Violet

Hair: Dark auburn brown

Planet of Origin: Mettulla Orionsis

Species: Ecturian

Languages: Everything!

Interests/Hobbies: Saving people, Men, Hand to hand combat, Men, Healing people, Travelling, Men, Temporal engineering, Men


The Ecturian species: A long time ago, the Ecturians were pretty much the same as any other humanoid race. The planet they lived on, Mettulla Orionsis, located in the Orion Nebula, was a small, cold planet with a small habitable zone right around the equator. They were sufficiently technologically advanced to build domed cities in which they could control the climate. They could also develop space travel but chose not to.

One day the astronomers detected a comet that was headed straight for their planet. There wasn’t much they could do but observe and protect themselves as best they could. When the comet approached, it became apparent that it would miss their planet, but that they would pass through the tail. This didn’t seem to be a problem so they all geared up to study the effects.

When the event happened, several meteorites fell to the surface of the planet. They were very much like small rocks. They were very mysterious and immune to the scientists’ examinations. After the tail passed, however, the male Ecturians began to fall ill. Soon they began to die. All the doctors and scientists could find nothing wrong nor any way to stop it.

It was eventually determined that the comet’s tail had contained some sort of virus that had attached itself to the Y chromosomes and eventually killed off all the males of the species. This left only females who were left totally unaffected by the virus. Even babies in the womb who were male were not immune.

Scientists immediately set to work on some way to develop another method of procreation otherwise their days were definitely numbered.

During these experiments, the strange ‘rocks’ that had fallen began to open and it was revealed that they were in fact plant seeds of some kind. Several were allowed to germinate in order to study them. Before long they were able to work out that the plants would flower in tune with the reproductive cycle of whoever was around them the most at the time.

As a last resort and out of curiosity, one scientist implanted one of her own eggs into the strange flower. It immediately closed up and began to grow. After a few weeks, it grew much larger and a distinct heartbeat could be heard. The whole tiny population of Ecturian women was abuzz with the prospect of their race being continued in this strange new fashion.

At the end of several months, the plant had grown to almost the size of a fully grown person. The pod opened and inside that’s exactly what was there: a fully grown Ecturian, not a clone of the original donor, but similar and with many differences created by the addition of the plant’s own DNA.

Once it was realised that this method would work, it was put into practice and this is how the current Ecturian race was developed.

Many centuries later, the Ecturians had advanced considerably, but they were still very xenophobic and wary of others. They still refused space travel and denied access to their planet to anyone else. There were other things that were forbidden as well including any further study of the life giving plants, or attempts to return to the old methods of procreation. They were a proud, stubborn and very stuck-up race.

Eventually there lived a geneticist who studied the plants and her people’s history in secret and thought that she could try to bring back the old ways.

She experimented until she was successful, at least in recreating an Ecturian who survived. This was Mika.

When this was discovered, the geneticist was executed and Mika turned out of the domed cities and regarded as an outcast, a pariah. She survived as best she could, thanks to the education that she was able to gain before being discovered.

One day a stranger – a man – landed in a strange craft just outside the largest domed city. He asked for help but was refused. In fact, the High Mother ordered that if he did not leave by the next nightfall that he was to be executed. Mika befriended him and helped him and he narrowly escaped. Having nothing to keep her there, Mika begged him to take her with him and so he did.

This man happened to be a timelord by the name of Runcible. Instead of taking her to another planet, the rebellious man that he was, took her to his home planet of Gallifrey where aliens were forbidden and argued for her to be admitted to the Academy of Time and allowed to become a Timelord. This was done and thus Mika became a timelord.

She graduated from the Prydonian House of the Academy of Time with a triple first in both Temporal Engineering and Alternative Power Sources. Her first ‘assignment’ on her own was on Earth in the late 19th century where she was to ‘remove’ Sherlock Holmes from his timeline before he influenced Hitler later on to proceed with his program to develop the rocket launched atomic bomb and thus destroying the entire world.

After that she went through many, many years of adventures throughout the universe and all of space and time. Among her various adventures, she’s aided and travelled with the Doctor in almost all of his different versions. She has regenerated once, so far. She has married once to Starfleet Commodore Guy Everett Whitehurst and bore two children, the twins Ocaccia and Eiderein who returned to Mettulla Orionsis and suppressed a hostile invasion by Sontaran forces. They rule there still, trying to bring normalcy and males back to their race.

She has had a few lovers including the Jedi Master Qui Gon Jinn, and even more companions including William McMasters Murdoch, First Officer of the ill-fated Titanic. She has married Remus Lupin, former professor at Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, only recently and has decided to settle there for the time being along with old Runcible who is at the end of his final regeneration.

Physical Profile:

Mika is very small, but muscular and rather heavy in weight due to the higher gravity of her home planet (about 1.34 of earth’s gravity). She has pale skin with a slight lavender tone to is which is soft and silky like rose petals. She gives off a light airy scent, a mixture of star jasmine and roses. Other traits of her plant DNA include a self regenerative cell structure which allows her to heal quickly, but she has also developed it over the years so that she can heal others, though at extreme cost to her own strength. She also has violet eyes which seem to glow with their own inner fire. There is also a line of leaf shaped markings that run from the hairline down the back, fading on the buttocks which are fuzzy like pussy willows. These are very sensitive and can serve as an erogenous zone. These were where the parent pods attached to feed the growing Ecturian embryo. Thus, Ecturians have no navels.

Ecturians also have a different internal structure to humans. They have four small, two chambered hearts set at the four corners of the torso. They also have the necessary ganglia in their brains that allow them to interact with the TARDIS telepathic circuits. There are also various other internal organs unique to the Ecturian.

Ecturians also have an extended life span because of the added plant DNA. Whereas they would live to just about 110 before on average, now they live to be over 1500 years naturally. With Mika’s altered DNA, there is no way of knowing what her natural life span would be, but with the timelord’s added 12 regenerations, she is currently over 3000 earth years old and could live to be ten times that old.

Personality Profile:

Mika is highly intelligent and knows it. She can be a bit haughty at times, but she is a busy woman and some people just don’t take her seriously or realise the importance of the situation if she is there. Mika is also loving and caring almost to a fault. The softness of her hearts has gotten her into trouble on more than one occasion, often ‘saving’ people who should have died. She often is attracted to men that no one else might take much notice of. Tragedy, sadness, and pureness of heart are big turn ons for Mika. She is also a bit eccentric in her ways, probably due to hanging around the Doctor too much. She can lash up a warp engine with the best of them, but her best talent lies in helping others especially with her counselling. She has learned much about the human spirit and ways of the human heart. She may seem to be a snob sometimes, but she has been known to give her own life to save others.

Special Notes:

Mika has the unique power to heal others by touch, although it can drain her own energy considerably. She has even managed to snatch life back from death’s door once or twice. She also has tremendous telepathic abilities, able to probe the minds of most other beings, though she only does it if totally necessary. She can communicate easily with those beings that are naturally telepathic such as the elves in Middle Earth.

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