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Qui-Gon stood, holding little Mika in his arms, he cradled her close to his chest, the kissing coming quickly and always more passionate than the last.

As if he knew the layout of the TARDIS to perfection, Jinn carried her from the kitchen, and through the long, winding hall ways, to her room. Without hesitation he opened the door, and carried her over the threshold.

With another kiss he put her down on the floor, and smoothed back the lock of hair that often found itself over her eyes.

Mika smiled up at him, having to lean her head almost all the way back because he was so tall. Wordlessly, she untied the sash that tied his shirt and slid her hands around his smooth, taut waist. Closing her eyes she leaned in and gently kissed his chest, trailing her lips softly across his skin, wishing she could reach a bit higher, and chuckling softly at the thought.

Qui-Gon moaned, or perhaps it was a sigh. His voice went soft and sounded very relaxed. "You know... the last time I was... with someone... Obi-Wan had but barely been born." he mused aloud as he enjoyed her attentions.

"Shhhh," she shushed, her breath hot and moist upon his chest. "You're with someone now," she muttered between kisses, her arms holding him tighter against her. "You're with me now. And I have no intention of ever letting you go." She looked back up at him and smiled, her eyes misty with the dreamy fog of utter adoration.

Qui-Gon ran one finger down her lovely face. "That's good.. because I don't ever want to leave." and he leaned down and gave her another kiss, his hands straying for the belt of her kimono.     

The timelord giggled and let him go for a minute. "Here," she said and climbed up on her tall bed and stood on her knees. Now she was more at eye-level with the massive Jedi. "That's better," she said, grabbing him and pulling him close, kissing him hard and passionately. She was beginning to lose her shyness, becoming more comfortable in his presence.

Qui-Gon revelled in the kisses. "You know... I could always stand on my knees." he said, "I know... I'd be proud to kneel before you."

Slipping her hands back inside his shirt, Mika gently guided it from his massive shoulders and let it fall to the floor. "No, precious. You should never kneel before me. I much prefer eye to eye." She leaned in and began planting her soft kisses along the broadness of his shoulders, making her way slowly to his neck. "Love works best on even ground."

"I... I agree." he responded, leaning his head back, a sigh on his lips. "But.. still... I am a slave to my heart.. which is given to you."

"Then I shall take good care of it," she muttered, trailing her lips against his skin. She found that certain spot at the base of his neck and began helping herself to dessert.

Qui-Gon's hand's in the meantime found the knot that held closed her kimono, and he untied it skillfully. With his two strong hands he eased the silken garment from her soft, yet muscular body, and let it fall to the bed behind her.

Mika began kissing her way from his thick, strong neck up his furry chin to his waiting lips, even as her hands roamed over the surface of his hard, broad musculature. She was amazed at how taut and fit he was for his age. Pressing her own soft nakedness against his chest, she kissed her way to his ear and whispered, her words soft but full of meaning. "I love you, Qui-Gon, with all my hearts. I am yours forever..."

"And I you, Mika, who cannot go home." Jinn responded, "Make your home in my heart and I'll see to it you never want for love again."

Unable to respond, so overwhelmed she was at the Jedi's total and unconditional love, Mika fairly threw herself into his arms, holding him as if she would never let go. If their very molecules had fused together it would not have been close enough for Mika. "I love you so much," she breathed against his cheek. "I want to know you as I do myself... all of you..."

Qui-Gon simply held her, and kissed her; caressing her and running his love-starved and callused hands over the front of her beautiful body. One hand stopped where her naval would have been, and he said. "Forgive me... if I am not worthy... but I want to show you how much I love you... Mika."

"It is I who am not worthy of you, precious Qui-Gon. Tonight, and for the rest of our lives I am wholly yours..." She kissed him slow and tender, pouring every ounce of love that she felt into her touch.

Wordlessly, Jinn lowered Mika onto the bed, and continued to indulge himself in the touch of her soft flesh. He noticed again the aroma that had so distracted him on Naboo. It was her. Her own erotic scent.

As she lay gasping at his every touch, her fingers entwining themselves in his long, soft hair, Mika thought of everything that had happened leading up to this moment. The decisions she had made had been difficult ones, but, lying there, drinking in the wondrous love of the Master Jedi, she knew she could never had done differently. A sigh escaped her lips even as a single tear escaped the corner of her eye and slid silently down her cheek. "No matter what happens," she said almost prophetically, "know that I love you, Qui-Gon. Now and forever."

Qui-Gon spoke back his feelings not with his words, but with his hands, and the feelings Mika could feel projected from his mind, more powerful and meaningful than any words of voice.

Slowly he brought one hand up to rest on her left breast, and he squeezed gently.

Mika bit her lip and sighed, her head flung back into the soft recesses of the mattress.

Qui-Gon rubbed tenderly, as he felt the unusual syncopation of her four hearts, beating hard and fast.  He leaned down and kissed her, and, with a gesture of his hand, brought down the lights ever so softly.


Hours passed, or perhaps it was days.

Qui-Gon Jinn sat up in Mika's bed. The mattress was hard, but comfortable. He shook his head and suddenly the memory of the past few hours flooded into the forefront of his mind. Quickly he turned his head to one side, and there she was.  Mika, the sweet little Ecturian that the Master Jedi had given all of his heart... in truth all of his being to, was sound asleep, clutching one of his muscular arms.

Jinn reached over and ran his hand gently down her face, stopping at her lips, he felt her soft breathing on his fingers.

"I love you... and will.. for as long as there's breath in me." he said in a near whisper. His heart was pounding and he knew, it would surely break if ever he lost her.

Gently, Mika stirred, a soft moaning sigh escaping her sleepy lips. One by one she opened her eyes, soft jewels shimmering in the darkness. Hugging Qui-Gon's strong arm to her bare skin, she smiled. "Did I fall asleep?" she asked, still drowsy but utterly contented.

"Yes.. you did." Jinn responded, smiling. "I was in the process of giving a massage... afterward." he hesitated on the last word, "You mumbled something about tortoises... and drifted right off."

Mika laughed as she gave him a quick kiss. "I'm sorry. Perhaps Jedi just have more energy than timelords," she grinned. She then sat up, drawing the covers with her, trying to squint in the darkness. "Do that .... Jedi thingy with the lights would you please, precious?" she yawned, waving her hand in imitation of his earlier actions.

Jinn chuckled a bit and lifted two fingers. The lights came up, a bit... not too much. "Is that better, darling?"

"Mmmm, much better. Now I can see your lovely face," she smiled, gently touching her fingertips to his cheek, trailing them into his beard.

To her surprise, he laughed. A good hearty laugh. Mika could not recall seeing such mirth on the Jedi's face. "I love you." was all he said to explain his laughter.

She could not help but smile herself. "And I love you, ... Master," she added, teasingly. Leaning forward she kissed him, her hand at the back of his head, letting her fingers mingle in his hair.

Just then the lights dimmed very briefly and a subtle hum began to fill the air. Mika's hand dropped from Qui-Gon's head as she sat back, bolt upright. Her face had gone deathly white, the fear unmistakable in her eyes.

Jinn could see and sense her fear. He sat up straight, a comforting hand on her shoulder. "What is it ?" he asked, calmly but intently.

Trembling, she took his huge hand in her tiny ones, she looked at him, unable to speak or even think. This was it. The moment she had been dreading ever since they had left Naboo. It was time for her to answer for her actions. This time she had apparently gone too far.

"We have been... summoned. The Supreme Council is going to make me answer for my actions." Her voice was small and distant, her eyes frightened and sad. "We'd better get dressed. It won't take long to reach Gallifrey."

Mika gave Qui-Gon a quick kiss and hopped from the bed. The Jedi remained seated. "Answer for your actions ? What ? Saving Batraxis?"

She shrugged on her kimono which had lain in the floor where it had fallen earlier and padded silently across the thick carpet to her wardrobe. "Probably," she said quietly, almost as if she were hiding something else. She emerged from the closet changed into a loose fitting pair of black linen slacks and a dark violet satin blouse. Mika nodded towards the Jedi's own clothes in a pile on the floor. "Qui-Gon, this is serious." Her eyes echoed her words.

Jinn removed himself from the bed and began to dress quickly; yet he still held an air of serene calm. "I'm sure all will be well." he offered, "Besides, I wont let anyone hurt you.

Just then the hum of the TARDIS engines ceased and a eerie calm settled over the ship. Quickly Mika finished dressing and threw open her bedroom door. "It's not me I'm worried about," she muttered.

Qui-Gon made no response. But something in his eyes told her he understood, or at least guessed what she was getting at. The tall Jedi followed her from her bedroom... determined to join her on whatever journey fate had arranged for her.

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